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See how I use the magic of words to help SaaS companies get more signups and boost their paid conversion rates.

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Tackling the 2 most critical problems that your SaaS faces

Getting more high-quality leads

More free trials, product demos, and signups to your email lists.

How do I do it?

  • Boost your website conversion rate with website copywriting, design tweaks and magical tricks
  • Bring back past subscribers with engaging email sequences
  • Target specific customers with targeted landing pages
  • Conduct customer research to show us exactly what to say to get more leads and how to say it.
  • Attract people from search engines with SEO optimized, best-in-class articles, guides and content!
  • Craft webinar and video scripts that solve your users problems and sell your software.

Boosting paid conversions

Converting your trial signups, demo requests, and email lists into paying users and MRR.

How do I do it?

  • Show leads how to use your software with email onboarding sequences
  • Engage trial users with in-app copy and small design tweaks
  • Educate and inspire users with guides, articles and case studies
  • Conduct customer research to show us why users didn’t upgrade or churned
  • Follow up with email sequences to educate, tempt and reactivate

Wait, what sorcery is this?! A 70% increase in conversions?

Great copy can increase the percentage of your web traffic that turns into free trial users, demo requests, email subscribers, or paid subscriptions right off the bat.

Check out this graph for a quick example of what effective website copy can do for your signups.

After doing market research for this client, I identified they were focusing on the wrong pain points (i.e. their users’ needs) on their website. Reorganizing their approach and rewriting their website copy led to a whopping 70% increase in signups for their software every week!

An extra $1k MRR after one month of a new blog?

Here’s a little taste of what’s possible…

After just one month of going live with a blog for one of our clients, they secured $1,000 per month in recurring revenue from users signing up through their blog. This revenue came from just three high-quality blog posts.

Remember, these articles will be online forever, continuously driving new users to their SaaS…

Needless to say, the client was happy!

Opens and Clicks 2 - 7x the SaaS industry average?!

I write emails that your users love to read.

Stats from MailChimp show that typical email open rates and click-through rates for SaaS companies are 19.81% and 2.05% respectively (click here to view their chart ).

But great email copy performs much better. These are a couple of emails we wrote with opens and clicks between 2-7x the industry average.

Leads, conversions, revenue? What can you expect from me?

I follow a tried and tested process that leads your SaaS company to more users and paid conversions. Using analytics, deep research and a bit of wizardry, I can deliver a long-term positive impact on your revenue.

People that say my work had a magical impact

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