The most important part of all – Values

These are my 5 core values, based on the lessons I’ve learned while SaaS copywriting.

I lead, you follow

Did you hear the story of the patient that told the doctor how to treat them? Didn’t think so!

Many clients have been taught badly. They hire an expert, but then tell the expert what they should do. And when their results suffer, they fire them and wonder what happened.

I follow the opposite dynamic with my clients so everyone gets great results.

I believe in discipline

I’ve seen many companies fall into the trap of wasting money on random unplanned acts of marketing. Some of them create plans, but after a few weeks abandon them for the next shiny object. It’s time to resist.

What I’ve learned is the highest growth SaaS companies have the discipline not just to set a plan, but to follow it and stick to it rigidly.

This is why my first piece of work for nearly every new client is to undertake deep research and form a battle-tested action plan.

I am fearlessly honest

What’s right for you as my client is more important than the pursuit of short-term profit.

That means turning away clients that aren’t an ideal-fit but also encouraging clients to join when I know I can get fantastic results for them!

More so, it means saying the hard things that you might not necessarily want to hear but are in your best interests to know.

I demand quality

Quality of copy. Quality of service. Quality of results.

In short, your expectations for quality should be sky high, and I should be able to deliver.

In this line of work, there are no shortcuts. You should expect a high level of attention to detail, well-researched copy and quality work.

I value meaningful relationships

This means always going the extra mile.

I see my clients as trusted advisors, and above all as friends and partners. Most long-term clients I’ve met in-person all around the world.

When you celebrate success, I’ll be there to celebrate it with you.

Do your values align with mine?

Let’s get to work on building a growth plan that brings more paying users to your SaaS.