This is where the
magic begins…

You can pay anyone to write words for you, but there are levels to this game and I know what great copy is worth. First and foremost: I’m not the person to hire if you’re looking for a quick-fix solution.

My work is centred around in-depth market research and analytics. So if you’re interested in paying for SaaS copywriting that will bring you trackable results over time, keep reading.

Here’s my process


If you’ve reached out to me, I’ll review your credentials and contact you if I think we might be a good fit for each other.

From there, we’ll schedule an initial consultation call. The main goals of this call are to get to understand your SaaS a bit deeper, to answer any questions you have about me, and to explain my process and how we move forward.

If you like where things are headed after our call, I’ll draft up a proposal for an initial discovery audit.

Once you approve the proposal, it’s time to get cracking.

The initial discovery audit is all about doing the essential research required in order to identify the main issues you face and your lowest hanging fruit - i.e. the things I can focus on that should provide the highest ROI for you. After diagnosing your biggest areas for improvement, I can work out the lowest cost actions that should be taken to maximize your growth potential.


Starting from $2,500 & up (one-off cost)

Consider this example:

Let’s say that Spotify is struggling to gain more users. After tracking the activity of their free trial users, they realize that 80% of people who try Spotify for 4 hours or more end up purchasing a paid subscription. What does that tell me as a copywriter? That Spotify should focus on getting their free trial users to use their software for at least 4 hours, instead of simply trying to sell their subscription.

Do you see the difference here? Getting users to try Spotify for at least 4 hours of listening time is much easier than getting them to actually purchase a subscription. This approach gets the user to make the decision for themselves and is much more powerful.

That’s just one reason why statistics are so important. The more data you can give me about your business, the better.

I split the initial discovery audit into two stages; deep research, and forming an action plan.

I won’t bore you with all the details here, but basically, I go above and beyond to fully understand your target market, your industry, and your product. If you’re looking to hire a copywriter and they don’t include deep research in their approach, it’s time to look elsewhere. This is the most important part of the whole equation. No great piece of writing was ever created without research at its foundation.


This is what truly sets my work apart from all the noise

Here's a snapshot of the research I usually complete for you before writing a single word of copy:

  • Statistical analysis:
    • To start, I assess how your current website is performing.
      • How much traffic are you getting?
      • What are your conversion rates?
      • How many signups are you getting?
      • Engagement statistics - i.e. how long are people using your software? What are they doing with it?
    • I can also use heatmapping software to identify how users are interacting with your website.
      • Where is their attention being focused?
      • What are they clicking on?
      • What are they hovering over?
    • Then I'll compare your stats to other big SaaS companies
  • Research your target market

    Without fully understanding your target customer I'd never be able to write copy that converts. And this isn't surface level research I'm talking about… You're going to learn things about your potential users that you never knew before. Here's a snapshot of the kind of things I do:

    • Scour all the customer reviews I can find for your software
    • Join Facebook groups, forums, etc. to see what people are talking about
    • Check your own customer service platform - what do your users need/request most often?
    • Reach out to 5-10 people in your target market and talk to them about your company
  • I actually use your software

    Many companies aren't aware of what it takes to actually understand and benefit from their software. By coming at it with a pair of fresh eyes, I can help you expose any glitches and figure out where your current users may be struggling.

  • I research your competitors

    It's important to know what your competitors are doing too. I'll check out a few of your closest competitors and see where they're succeeding, where they're falling short, and what their users are saying about them. Then I'll review their URL analytics to see where they're getting most of their traffic from. This will give you a good idea of where your users are 'hanging out' online.

I won't reveal all my secrets here, but you get the point. I take research very seriously. This preliminary work is what allows me to craft copy that actually converts and gets more people to use your software.

There's one added benefit to be aware of too. My research often uncovers vital insights that can help other parts of the business. Critical bugs that are causing people to turn away but that your developers can fix, popular ideas for new features, and views from users that very well might surprise you are all common.

Once I’ve completed the deep research, I present my findings to you along with a clear action plan on how to fix your conversions and get more leads. I think of it like this...


I build a comprehensive plan to get your SaaS more users, and improve your paid conversions.
Current Performance
Target Performance

Imagine the goal is to increase free trial to paid conversions from 15% to 25%.

But during the research, I identify multiple problems that are preventing this from happening. Perhaps users are confused about how some of your features work or maybe they don’t realise the value of upgrading.

Once I know the problems, I have the ammunition to decide on the actions I need to take. Do I need to rewrite your email onboarding sequence to focus on a different pain, change in-app copy to be easier to understand or provide inspiration with new content?

And then, I use performance indicators to track my work. Yes, I track how your ultimate goal is performing, but I may also have micro-goals along the way. A critical upgrade page with a particularly high bounce rate that I could lower or some messages with low response rates. This way, you can keep me accountable and measure my success.

All in all, I’m a wizard, but this part is more akin to being a doctor. Any doctor has the ultimate goal of healing their patients. But before they do it, they have to diagnose the illnesses with a series of tests, decide on the medicine they need and measure their vital signs to see that their patient is headed for recovery! Once the discovery audit is completed, you have the choice of working with me on an on-going basis to implement the action plan, or alternatively you can organise the work yourself if you choose.

You have the research and the plan, now it’s time to put it to action. If you decide you’d like to work with me on an ongoing basis, I’ll offer you a range of retainer packages, and you can choose what suits your specific needs. Then, I’ll start implementing our action plan right away!


Retainer packages start from $2,500 per month & up

I’ll begin writing all the copy necessary to get you more paid conversions, and more high quality leads.

Everytime I launch fresh copy, I’ll wait a bit and see how it performs. After it’s been live for a while, I’ll analyze the results that you’re getting, expose any key issues, and tweak the copy as necessary to improve results. From there I can create different variations of the copy for split testing to make sure that the copy is optimized to perform at its best.

Approximately every quarter, I'll review our action plan and show you the impact it’s having on the business and the specific goals we’ve set. I’ll then produce a new action plan to keep us focussed on growing your SaaS throughout the next quarter.

Interested in getting started?